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Meet Claudia Romero of Pega Grill

Today we’d like to introduce you to Claudia Romero.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?
When I was a child, I joined my aunt’s business as a child entertainer. I was six years old. I learned to dance, sing, and perform for kids’ birthday parties. Soon, I realized I liked it, and I was good at it. I loved going to weekly rehearsals, wearing bright dresses and wigs, and performing in front of parents and kids. I was a shy girl, but for some reason, I wasn’t afraid during showtime. A few years later, I decided to form my own kids’ party entertainment group with my brother, sisters, and cousins. We used to perform for friends and family free of charge. We had so much fun!

I believe that this childhood experience helped me overcome my fear of trying new things. I opened my first company soon after immigrating to the US (2001). It was called Party Time Clowns, Corp. I barely spoke English, but I translated my whole Spanish show, and I memorized it! Language wasn’t going to be a barrier. I recall performing as a clown in a First Communion gathering; kids were laughing and telling me that I was a funny clown. When the party was over, I realized I was saying “First Community” during the whole party instead of First Communion!

Years later, I met my Spaniard husband. He opened Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant with the financial support of his older brothers, and we just celebrated Bellmont’s 10th anniversary! During this journey, we had the opportunity to buy an established Greek restaurant in Downtown Miami—a casual local eatery that has been operating since 2011 and serves lunch on weekdays. We embarked on this new adventure and purchased Pega Grill on May 1st, 2019. I own 90% of the shares, and my husband owns the other 10%. I manage the daily operations of Pega Grill while my husband manages the Spanish restaurant.

I am Claudia Romero, 47, a native of Peru, proud American citizen, and mother of 5 amazing children. I embrace change and look forward to it, firmly believing that it brings only good things.

We all face challenges, but looking back, would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Coincidently, both restaurants have faced street closures besides the mandatory closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. The street in front of Pega Grill has been closed for 18 months due to Flagler Street Beautification Project. This project was supposed to be completed within 1 year; nonetheless, there is uncertainty about the completion date.

Hopefully, it will be done by March 2024. My dine-in revenue has been drastically affected due to this construction. I have debris, noise, and dust; however, I was able to pivot to take-out, delivery, and corporate catering which has enabled my business to keep its doors open.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
Pega Grill has become a staple Greek restaurant in Downtown Miami. It has consistently delivered delicious, high-quality food for more than a decade. The whole team, cooks, line cooks, servers, and bussers are committed to excellence in service and are aware of the special needs of our customers. Together we have created a positive environment that is transmitted to our clients. This is what sets us apart from our competitors.

After my acquisition in 2019, Pega Grill became a small women-owned and operated restaurant. It serves Greek cuisine and offers brunch and lunch Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 p.m. Pega Grill is in Downtown Miami CBD (Central Business District), a high-density area in terms of population for both commercial and residential. It serves commuters of the Miami-Dade County Courthouses, the Jewelry District, several government buildings, and local retail stores located within walking distance. Our clients are lawyers, government employees, and jewelers. However, the population in Downtown Miami for both residents and offices is booming. Big companies have opened operations in this area mainly in the tech, financial, and legal sectors.

Ten months after the acquisition, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and I was forced to close the restaurant for 2 months due to mandatory emergency orders. On May 20, 2020, the restaurant was allowed to partially reopen to offer take-out and delivery only. A few weeks later, it was allowed to open for dine-in service at reduced capacity. We struggled. The restaurant revenue was reduced by 75%, but thanks to local and federal loans and grants Pega Grill survived.

On August 17, 2022, the road in front of the restaurant was closed to vehicular traffic as part of the Flagler Street Beautification Project that has been undergoing since March 2021. The project is expected to be completed by Spring 2024. Pega Grill’s dine-in revenue has been negatively impacted due to construction. There is noise, dust, debris, and heavy machinery operating every day in front of the restaurant.

I have big plans for Pega once the street reopens. I will offer outdoor dining and expand hours of operation to offer brunch on weekends. I am also working on becoming a plastic-free restaurant and doing my part to take care of our home planet Earth.

Is there a quality that you most attribute to your success?
I am a resilient person and I am not afraid of change. I am a firm believer that change only brings positive things. I am constantly looking to nurture my knowledge and learn how to better run my business. I have taken several accelerator programs sponsored by my community leaders and government agencies. This year I completed the following programs:

SBA T.H.R.I.V.E.: CEO participant – June to December 2023.

BizHack Academy: AI for Marketing and Sales – October to December 2023.

BizHack Academy: AI Masterclass Series – April 2023 to Present.

Miami Dade College at The Idea Center: Scale Up D5 – January to March 2023 – Award Winner $2,500 Pitch Competition.

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Ascendus, Miami Dade College, and Commissioner for Miami Dade County District 5


  • This place has been in Miami for ages yet I have never been there, i decided to stop by last Friday and I noticed that They have a good variety in their menu. the customer service was pretty good!! The Carrot and ginger soup was awesome and the moussakas are out of this world. I would come back again soon.

    Elva S., Yelp

  • I had a falafel salad that made my week. My server CHRISTINA, I believe she was Colombian, super sweet, super helpful, catered to my specific diet which could be annoying to 80% of the population but she was just awesome. I love Mediterranean food to begin with but the food at Pega was great. My waitress Christina, great. The ambience, great. Definitely stop at this little piece of greek heaven and try it out next time you’re in downtown!

    Aj C., Yelp

  • Amazing food especially the branzino and the octopus. Everything fresh and cooked with a Mediterranean style. Great service as well, very friendly and responsive to every need.

    Marco N., Yelp

  • Greek food at this place – super good. service is consistently good. ambience is similar to fresno’s scene.

    Giovanni Wood, Google Reviews

  • Great greek food. Awesome lamb and falafels.

    Serguei Hernandez, Google Reviews

  • Love their gyros! Amazing shoe string fries! We get lunch from this place at least once a week. Great servers, great service.

    Lexie Taylor, Google Reviews

  • greek food, yeah, quality stuff. entered near eleven, it wasn’t packed. service is typically great.

    Deborah Bernard, Google Reviews

  • In the heart of Miami, this place has some of the best Greek cuisine! High quality and authentic food. The best and healthiest choice Downtown has to offer, try it and you will be not disappointed.

    Melissa Amarís Pinzón, Google Reviews